Sources on the Modern Korean Armies

Started by Alomoes, May 04, 2023, 10:56:42 PM

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Alright, so I'm making a scenario on a modern 2020s conflict between the two Koreas in TOAW IV.  Figured I'd ask some other people for what I'm missing.  I have data on everything but the ToE for the South Koreans.  For the North Koreans I'm missing a lot of the OOBs.  There's the site "", but it only has information on 10 corps, there's supposedly 20, and it paywalls past 4 articles.  Any info that you don't have to subscribe to would help.  Worst case scenario, I'll just make it up, for example, I know the North Korean Reserve units have around 1500 men in them, I can go from there.  I'm doing intervention forces last, and probably only the US in the first version, so I don't need much info on that. 

Main concerns.  I found a source on the South Korean divisions, however it says they have around 32 K21s IFVs in a battalion.  How do you stretch 32 K21 IFVs over a battalion worth of troops?  I'm assuming they're small battalions, but I don't really know.  This is really important, as having small battalions will cripple the effectiveness of their divisions in game, even with their advanced equipment. 


I don't have any relevant information, but I'm curious about it, too; so I'll take the opportunity to bump the thread and also subscribe to it.  :Nerd:

Hopefully someone will come up with something. I wonder if the Institute for the Study of War has anything about it...

Raging Tiger, from Shrapnel Games (yay I recalled correctly!), must have some OOB for both sides.

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