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Battle of Breslau 1757
« on: June 12, 2012, 11:28:31 AM »

On November 22, the Austrian army attacked Bevern's entrenchments at Breslau. The Austrians won the battle of Breslau after a whole day of heavy fighting. Bevern was obliged to abandon Breslau at its fate and retreated under the cover of night. He was captured by a party of Grenzer light troops.

Once Bevern captured, general Kyau took command of the Prussian army. Kyau left Breslau to its fate and made towards Glogau. That same day, general Lestwitz, the Prussian commandant in Breslau, accepted the terms offered and surrendered without firing a gun. The garrison (4,000 men) was allowed to freely withdraw. However, the garrison was mostly composed of Silesian recruits who deserted the Prussian cause. Therefore, only 500 soldiers withdraw from Breslau with poor Lestwitz. A certain battalion, on marching through the gate, consisted only of nine chief officers and four men... The Prussian garrison abandoned 98 guns and endless magazines and stores of war in Breslau.

Lot more photos on the main website in the gallery.