Plagiarism and YouTube

Started by al_infierno, December 04, 2023, 11:27:40 PM

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A YouTuber named hbomberguy put out a fascinating ~4 hour documentary dissecting the practice of plagiarism in YouTube video essays.  The video provides extensive evidence of plagiarism in successful YouTube channels and includes some fascinating analysis of the thought process of a plagiarist, how they work, and how they try to cover their tracks or make excuses when they're caught.

It's not a quick watch by any means, but it's divided up into digestible 1-ish hour chunks.  I'm not familiar at all with any of the YouTubers who are called out in the video, but anyone with an interest in writing, journalism, etc. can gain a lot from the insights presented here.

Though I will admit the last 2-ish hours of the video that focus on a certain guy called James Somerton kinda dissolved into noise at a certain point when it became abundantly clear he plagiarized a shitton of his videos.  The first two hours and the conclusion are absolutely worth the time though.

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YouTube does have a lot of crap channels but there are some real gems on there as well.'Users gotta shop around.'

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