First Patch v1.0.1

Started by Barthheart, December 23, 2014, 08:52:55 PM

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We have released a small patch for the holidays to cover a few of the items that have been mentioned on this forum.  The patch has no new scenarios, but we do plan to use this mechanism to distribute scenarios in the future.  To download the patch, go to the link that you were originally provided, select the patch folder, and download the four files.  Note that new customers will be getting the patch already included in the setup file, starting today (12-19-2014).

Below is the content of the patch:

1. Combat Phase Moves bug was fixed, allowing movement per rules.

2. If a number is displayed for MF during the Combat Phase, then that unit
is eligible for Combat Phase Moves. Prior to this change, it was difficult
to determine if a unit was eligible.

3. The use of Windows Menu, View, Map Levels, Low level does not cause the units
to be displayed off by a variable number of hexes.

4. Hex border outlines can be turned off and on by pressing the "H" key as a toggle.
Default is "on".

5. When displaying the Unit Details, the number of consecutive attacks is now also

6. An option to scrolling the map has been added.  Pressing the CTRL key and
mouse left clicking on a hex centers the low level map on that hex.  Only works on
the low level maps.

7. Air ops are now allowed in rain weather. Note this a text change to the Help file only.

8. Two dice are rolled for combat.  Note this is a text change to the Help file only.

I keep a running list of all comments, and pick and choose from them for the patches.  We appreciate the warga,mers on this and other forums, and their feedback and constructive criticism.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all,


PS Schwerpunkt will be closed from December 26th to 29th for a much needed vacation.