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Started by bayonetbrant, March 17, 2015, 07:17:21 AM

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Good job guys  O0

One topic most of us can relate to..... Wives and Gaming... I like the format and that it is not drawn out.

And two thumbs up for Hornet Leader and don't forget the Cthulhu Conflict add-on.



LOL...I've reached out to Dan at DVG - he said he was sending me a copy for review, but it's been several weeks so I recently sent a follow up, but no response. I'm not going to bug him about it. :)


Finally got a chance to listen to this one. Great again.

PS. I don't think it's AP when it comes to MD's long turns.... he's just slow!  :2funny:


Keep it up, Science Guy.  Next game we play together, I will slow all over you!  ;)
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I really enjoyed both podcasts and full intend on moving into BC's man cave. (That may need to be rephrased).

How about asking each guest what their most memorable gaming moments are?  I really enjoy getting to learn more about the people on this site as well as the games we play.

Keep up the good work.