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Started by bayonetbrant, March 24, 2015, 07:06:38 AM

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Enjoyed the talk about game mechanics.

Regarding the "front page issue", is there an RSS feed for the front page articles? I can see one for the podcast and one for the forum feeds, but a front page feed would facilitate people in checking it regularly.

It's really nice to hear some of the grog forum members get an actual voice, and commit their opinions and personalities to the digital ether.

I'm always fascinated by how many wargamers come from a roleplay background. Primarily a CRPG/MMO player, I sort of rolled into wargaming, because I'd realised that whilst RPG games allow you to experience and become fantastical heroes adventuring and commanding troops of magic and skill, wargames actually depict REAL LIFE heroes (and villains) that actually existed and went through untold hardships to attain the victory. These are the REAL heroes of history. Fascinating people, who don't need a made up interesting backstory or epic land under peril from evil forces, because they had REAL backstories, and REAL lands under peril from very REAL evil forces...

You get the idea.

I still play RPG's obviously, and enjoy the imaginative aspect to that, but wargames ground you in reality and yet the action is none-the-less spectacular, emotional, and a great story in itself, with very interesting lessons to be learned and hopefully shape our future.

Right I've babbled on enough.

Keep up the good work guys!!