BATTLEBORN - there's a free version of it now!

Started by Grimnirsson, June 06, 2017, 01:56:06 PM

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In the past I thought Battleborn is a bad game since everybody was playing Overwatch and those who did, said BB sucks...then I bought the game's the coolest shit out there and my favorite hero shooter! Totally playing Overwatch into the ground regarding modes, heroes, tactical gameplay, decision making, humor, name it...unfortunately Overwatch is still stealing the thunder, although I have no clue why - played the free OW weekend and it was just boring...just a few modes and maps, very basic, nothing to unlock except skins and voices. BB has now a free version so everybody can check it out and after the BIG winter update there's even more content than before, better gfx, couch coop/online play, modes and stuff to enjoy. Tutorials were added since the learning curve to play the different modes was rather steep, so that may help to understand what it's all about. This game is an overlooked gem...and an absolute blast to play - give it a try!  O0

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