GMT West Weekend (Hanford, CA. 21-25 April 2018)

Started by rickbill, April 01, 2018, 11:58:03 PM

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Any western grogheads planning to partake? 

This one has been a love/hate event for me.  Lately, I've tried to go in with expectations low and I have found I generally have had a better experience and come away happy to have seen old friends and push some cardboard.

It is all open play ... harder for introverts like me ... but, the regulars are fairly inviting to new faces and usually you'll see one or two games in development being demoed/playtested.


I sure wish I could be there. Any excuse to have a weekend to actually play games would be awesome
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I'd love to do one of these at some point. Will not be this year though.
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Brant have you ever gone to the GMT East Weekend?  I hear it is fairly similar with Tim hosting. ... you don't get the support from the office staff (always friendly and first rate people as well as the best customer relations/support I've seen anywhere) ... but, for getting wargames on the table, I hear it is pretty awesome.