How to roll a new Lance for new players?

Started by Yskonyn, August 27, 2018, 09:26:18 AM

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House rules for Mechwarrior and Mech creation (optional for more flavour):

Force Creation within MekHQ for a new player:

A starting Lance consists of 4 Mechwarriors and 6 Support personnel (recommend 4 Tech, 1 Medic, 1 Admin).

Load up MekHQ, start a new dummy campaign and be sure to choose 'Official AtB Options' as campaign type.

On the next screen make sure faction is 'Mercenary' and rules are 'Campaign Ops' and enter a dummy name.
Set the starting date of the campaign to december 1st 3018 to make sure the correct tech is available.

Click on the 'Finances' tab and make sure all tickmarks are OFF in order to not have to pay for stuff yet.
Accept the other options and let the campaign load up.
Then press the 'GM Mode' button in the upper right of the application.
Now you can freely edit all aspects of your force without the need of funds.

Press the 'Marketplace' dropdown menu at the top and select 'Hire', then 'Mechwarrior'.
Edit portrait and name as desired.
Then click 'Edit Statistics (GM)' to open up the charactersheet.

The first Mechwarrior you roll will be the Lance commander.
+1 bonus to EITHER Gunnery OR Piloting (right side pane 'Skills Tab', use the 'Bonus' coloumn)
1 points randomly between Leadership, Tactics and Strategy.
All Lance commanders have Lieutenant rank. (JG or SG as you see fit (perhaps age?)

Roll the other 3 without modifications other than Rank.
You can use the 'Marketplace' dropdown menu again, but now use 'Hire in Bulk'.
Nobody can be lower than Private. And non-Lance commanders can not have a rank higher than Master Sergeant.

Repeat this step for your 4 Techs, 1 Medic and 1 Admin personnel.

Now you can roll for special abilities for each Mechwarrior:
Veteran: 1 ability Elite: 2 abilities

Roll a D100 on the following table:
Roll          Ability   
1 – 10   Dodge   
11 – 20   Iron Man   
21 – 30   Hopping Jack   
31 – 40   Melee Specialist   
41 – 50   Pain Resistance   
51 – 60   Single Weapon Specialist   
61 – 65   Hot Dog   
66 – 70   Maneuvering Ace   
71 – 74   Ballistic Specialist   
75 – 78   Laser Specialist    
79 – 82   Missile Specialist   
83 – 86   Multi-Tasker   
87 – 88   Blind Fighter   
89 – 90   Weathered   
91 – 92   All Weather   
93 – 94   Jumping Jack   
95 – 96   Oblique attacker   
97 – 98   Sniper   
99   Natural Aptitude (Gunnery)   
100   Tactical Genius   

After this open up the his character sheet by right clicking and selecting the bottom option 'GM Mode', then 'Edit'.
Now select the 'Abilities' tab in the right upper part of the screen and complete the sheet for all the abilities you have rolled.

Repeat the ability assignment for all other MechWarriors in your force as applicable.

You can now choose to roll for an Origin for each of your Mechwarriors:
Roll a D20 on the following table:

Roll (d20)   Origin                      Table   7
1 – 6   Periphery                      Mercenary/Periphery table   
7           Major Periphery      Any Major Periphery table.   
8           Mercenary              Custom Mech   
9 – 10   Lyran Commonwealth   Steiner Table   
11 – 12   Free Worlds League      Marik Table   
13 – 14   Capellan Confederation   Liao Table   
15 – 16   Federated Suns      Davion Table   
17 – 18   Draconis Combine      Kurita Table   
19           ComStar or WoB         ComStar or WoB Table   
20           Clans                      Any Clan 2nd Line Table   
ComStar, Word of Blake and Clan origins only possible after 3055, consider it a Mercenary result in the previous eras.            
Custom Mech means that you roll a 'Mech in the Mercenary/Periphery table and can customize that 'Mech as you see fit, with the euipment available for the era. (Clan equipment only possible after 3055).            

add 'Origins: <faction rolled>' as a line into your "Biography" entry of the Mechwarrior.

Then see if the Mechwarrior comes with a machine:
Roll 2D6 on the following table:

Random Mech (2d6)      8
Roll    Mech   Tech
2   None   F
3   None   F
4   Light           F
5   Light           F
6   Light           D
7   Medium   D
8   Medium   D
9   Medium   C
10   Heavy   C
11   Heavy   B
12   Assault   A

The Lance commander gets a +1 bonus on both rolls.         
If in any of the rolls the result if 13 or 14, reroll the mech weight and roll the mech from Star League tables.

Use Xotl's RAT tables for this process (within MegaMek or use the PDF linked in downloads)

You now have the basic skeleton of your Lance, where MechWarriors (usually) have been outfitted with a machine to fight in.
Some times the RNG will have made one or more warriors 'disposessed'. They come without machine. You will have to either spend funds to buy him or her a machine (which usually takes a while to arrive) or hope salvaging will yield suitable machines in missions.

Now its time to export your personnel, so the gamemaster can add your rolled force into the campaign!
Select all your personnel in the 'Personnel' tab of the main window. Rightclick and select 'Export Personnel'.
Create a .psrx file and send that to the game master and you're done!
Happy hunting!
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However, if pilots would need to do daily what they are capable of doing, nobody would dare to fly anymore."