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Started by JudgeDredd, February 05, 2019, 04:27:44 AM

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Hi all

I've currently got a very particular model criteria to fulfill

It's my brother's birthday soon and I'd like to get a good model (resin or injection - don't care, though I believe resin are better quality) of a post WWII British Paratrooper. Doesn't matter about regiment but ideally around the 1980s era

I'd like to buy one and paint it for him...but I'm not sure what scales are available or what websites to go to. I've just bought a 1/35 scale resin which is superb quality, but it's WWII and 1/35th is way smaller than I imagined (which is odd because I build 1/35 scale tanks - which come with 1/35 scale figures!!)

Anyway - I know Tamiya do alot of model figures, but I can't find any of the era or specifically UK paratrooper.

Any ideas of online shops that cater specifically for larger resin or injection model figures and who could?

Oh - also I'm not looking to spend alot - between £15 and £25 - the fucker doesn't even get me a card - and we're twins - so he can't forget  :smitten:
Alba gu' brath


Thanks Bardolph. First one is a Marine, but this one

is a para. If I send him a Marine, he will kill me!

It is a bit more than I was spending though - so I'll mull it over. Cracking model though...thanks  O0
Alba gu' brath