B-17 repaints

Started by Silent Disapproval Robot, December 17, 2018, 03:00:35 AM

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Silent Disapproval Robot

I picked up a 2nd copy of the B-17F and G models for Wings of Glory during the Black Friday sales and had a go at modifying their paint schemes just to add some variation.  They're ahistorical but I think they came out alright.

Original (Memphis Belle) on the left. 

Original B-17G on the right (Bit of Lace).


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Nice! How big are those things?
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Silent Disapproval Robot

1:200 scale.  Approx 4.5" long and 6" wingspan.


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Thanks for the pics and telling us the scale.

I've been wondering if I should go 1/200 or larger for my 15mm world war two gaming. I think 1/200 will be dandy!


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Thy look great, but seem to be flying VERY low to the ground. Didn't think B-17s flew nap of the earth.  :2funny:
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Silent Disapproval Robot

I'd attach them to drones and fly them around the table but the powers that be up here in Canuckistan have decreed that such destructive power would be too much to entrust to the hands of a civilian.  Gotta keep 'em low and slow.