DC Area Miniatures Guy and Chit Pusher Coming Aboard

Started by Panzerfaust 150, May 07, 2019, 02:13:32 PM

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Panzerfaust 150

Hi all,
Am here to introduce myself. I am Jason Weiser, and I am a chit pusher of some 36 years, and a miniatures guy of 30 years (Has it really been that long??) Anyhow, am always looking for folks to game with, especially on the chit pushing side. My tastes tend towards WWII and Cold War Gone Hot, as well as Sci-Fi, so I am here, and would love to hear from folks.


Good, good, we can always use more chit pushing.

Gus will be happy about anything miniature.

What is your opinion on dongles?
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Welcome Aboard!
We're always happy for new blood.  Where about in DC area?  The Game Club of Maryland has a number of sites they host game days, and there are some local Game Cons like NOVAG (Northern Virginia Gamers) and ScrumCon in College Park.
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Welcome Panzerfaust 150. Glad to have you with us here at Grogheads, the Valhalla of Wargaming.  O0
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