Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943: El Guettar

Started by ack-ack, January 17, 2020, 09:29:22 AM

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Ahh... It's been a while. But I'm finally back to *possibly* finish what I started.

I'm going to be trying something new. I'll be uploading videos of the tactical battles to Youtube, starting with turn 4. I'll try to edit them down to no more than 15 minutes or so (those battles can be long and drawn out at times).   

Turn 3, Battle 3
23 March 1943, 9:30

Another battle takes place on the southern flank. This time A company and E company are attacked by the German tank company from the previous battle plus two new battlegroups.

(forgot to take a picture of the setup, or any other pictures during the battle...)

The result is: A Company loses its ground and retreats to the northwest. E company holds its ground.

Turn 4

Reinforced some depleted battle groups. Otherwise, no major movements. I'm still waiting for my M10 TDs to arrive before I make any counter attacks. Just one more turn.

Turn 4, Battle 1
23 March 1943, 12:00

Germans launch another attack on the northern flank.

Tactical setup:

The battle:

[spoiler]German armored cars are stopped by my M3 TDs. Gotta love those vehicle physics  :).[/spoiler]

Turn 4, Battle 2
23 March 1943, 12:00

German's attack the southern flank. Looks like a repeat of Turn 3 battle 3.


The battle:

[spoiler]That battle was brutal. German tanks were rolled through our lines but the enemy eventually asked for a ceasefire and we managed to hold all of our ground. We suffered 183 casualties to the enemies 54. We did manage to kill 10 of their tanks. [/spoiler]


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Turn 4, Battle 3
23 March 1943, 13:00

A german armored group attacks I Company.

I Company has no entrenchments to take cover in, but they do have a platoon of AT guns attached to them.

The setup:

The battle (no audio for some reason... whoops):

[spoiler]I hang in for a bit just to see how much damage I can do to the enemy half tracks but I eventually withdraw. The moral of our men is very low. I think I saw a whole platoon throw up their arms and walk off. 


Turn 5

The first company of M10 tank destroyers finally arrived. I'm going to send them down to the southern flank since there appear to be much more tanks down there compared to up north.

Turn 5, Battle 1
23 March 1943, 15:00

H Company and a platoon of M3 Tank Destroyers are attacked in the north by that same armored car/half track group from previous battles.

The Battle:

[spoiler]The Luftwaffe strikes again, but the US Army Air Force shows up too. Finally get to see some A20s in action. Annoyingly, we managed to loose the southern square to the Germans. 


Turn 5, Battle 2
23 March 1943, 15:00

German armor intercepts our company of M10 TDs heading south.


[spoiler]The M10s are caught in a bit of a cross fire, but we manage to hold our ground and none of our TDs were destroyed. [/spoiler]


Turn 6

The last two M10 companies arrive this turn. Sending one of them to the northern area and another one to the south to join A company. We need to push on the northern flank to capture the VP, while holding onto our VP in the south.

We are currently losing the campaign in victory points. Hopefully we can squeeze out a win if we manage to do the above mentioned.

Turn 6, Battle 1
23 March 1943, 18:00

The southern front is attacked again by German armor and a new unknown battlegroup. Probably more tanks.

The Battle:

[spoiler]Our 37mm AT guns have been able to hold their ground for multiple battles, but this was the last straw. The Germans were able to break through our lines once my AT guns were neutralized and I withdrew from the battle. I lost the VP square as a result. Not good.