Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal Wake Island Battle AAR

Started by RedArgo, May 25, 2020, 11:59:52 PM

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Contact!  Scouts report an enemy "Large Surface" force.  I going to assume this is the carrier(s) that have attacked me.  We launch all the SBDs that are ready to go.  Radar also indicates another incoming raid from the NE.

This raid is mostly dive bombers, escorted by a lot of fighters.  Fortunately, no hits are recorded.

My bombers find the enemy, turns out to be two carriers.  Six units of SBDs dive in opposed by only two units of Zeroes and flak.  You can see that the Japanese carriers, at 6, both have twice the heavy AAA as the US carriers.

We hit one carrier with four bombs and leave her burning, surely if she doesn't sink, she's done for today.  Sadly, no hits on the second carrier.


I've been launching piecemeal for two reasons.  I'm afraid of another enemy strike and I haven't quite mastered air operations and the carriers will bog down if you try to do too much at once delaying everything.

About 2 hours after my first strike another group of SBDs arrives over the Japanese force.  The carrier we hit earlier is still there and isn't burning.

One SBD group aborts and one group is downed by flak, but remaining Dauntless bombers score 4 hits on the undamaged carrier and she immediately goes down.


An hour later the last of my SBDs attack the damaged carrier, but can't score any hits.  I have my carriers finally in range of the TBD Devastators, but darkness closes in, so they return to base without attempting to attack.  This is the end of day 3 and the end of the battle.


So the US gained a tactical victory despite losing Wake Island. We sank a carrier, heavily damaged another one, and sank three transports plus the Wake Island defenders sank a destroyer.  Although the Lexington was damaged, it wasn't enough to gain the Japanese any points. 

Here you can see the damage done to both Japanese carriers.

Overall, this was my best attempt at this scenario.  As with all these carrier battle type games, and real life I suppose, one bomb or torpedo hitting or missing can change the whole battle in an instant. 

I didn't show this part, but my first strike on day three actually was fooled by a phantom spotting report and returned without attacking.  I thought that would be the end of my ships for sure.

The mission wants you to use the Lexington to attack some transports in the south, but those Bettys and Nells make short work of her operating by herself down there and only F2A Buffaloes for defense.

Fun game, I need to study the rules better, so I can become proficient at air operations and then I'll try some other scenarios.

Currently, there is no multiplayer, but in the forums, someone said the old iOS version of the game has it, so hopefully they will add it here.  Also, I don't see a scenario editor/creator, so hopefully they will add that too.

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Imaging if the tac battles in WitP:AE had this option...  :dreamer:

As with others, thanks for the AAR!  :notworthy:
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Quote from: RedArgo on May 26, 2020, 09:16:53 PM
So the US gained a tactical victory despite losing Wake Island. We sank a carrier, heavily damaged another one, and sank three transports plus the Wake

Great AAR!  I'll get this game when it comes out on Steam!  It's kind of funny that the Buffalos don't even get stars on their wings.  OF course the USN version had problems (basically, kind of flimsy) that limited its use on carriers.  At least even the earliest versions of the Wildcat were pretty sturdy.


Thank you all.

Good news from the devs, someone on steam asked if subs will be in the game and they said yes, with the next major release.  Also,



I'm guessing that all of the Japanese aircraft were lost because there was no landing strip/flight deck to hold them.