Hell in a Very Small Place

Started by Jarhead0331, March 08, 2021, 11:54:22 PM

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Sir Slash

That was a great write-up. Neat game.  O0
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Awesome article.  My childhood was similar in that my brother and I took over the whole house to stage battles with our toy soldiers.


I too played with toy soldiers, specifically GI Joe 'action figures,' also in the 1980s.

My grandfather would come in the room and scowl and ask 'What the hell are you doing?' and I would answer 'Playing with my GI Joes, Grandpa.' And he would pause, scowl some more and say 'War is not a toy.' Then he would walk off. I will always remember that.

Sorry to be a downer but it's what JH's writeup reminded me of instantly.
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No you're not being a downer Gus.  That's a good memory to share with us.  Your Grandpa was concerned that his grandson would grow to love war.  You are remembering the love he had for you. 


^Thanks man. He had his reasons and they were definitely not bad ones.
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