Flatulence Cryptocurrency?

Started by steve58, March 20, 2021, 04:15:06 PM

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Brooklyn Man Creates a Cryptocurrency Token Using Recordings of His and His Friends' Flatulence

I know Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, but I've never really had a good handle on what it is, its purpose, how to use it, how to profit from it, etc.  So now a cryptocurrency based on...farts?   I'm starting to think I too young to feel this damn old.  :(

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Might take the edge off video card BS that's happening because of the need for cryptocurrency to burn electricity decrypting coins constantly.
But methane is not good for the environment either  :DD
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What the hell is that. Honestly, that's one of the hilarious things I have seen in recent times. I mean, cryptocurrencies out of farts, that's insane. I'm also pretty far away from all this crypto stuff, but since the pandemic started, I mentioned it gained insane popularity, and people are going mad about it. So, I decided to give it a try, and I invested in this token [url=http://spamspammyspamspam. A friend of mine who has been trading for the past five years advised me to do that.


Ha, that's hilarious! I'm sure it'll be a gassy success. Who knew that a good fart could be worth so much? Maybe we should all start investing in flatulence tokens! This is an interesting development - it seems like cryptocurrency is becoming more and more accessible and is becoming a more mainstream topic of conversation. Many valuable resources are available to help you understand the basics of cryptocurrency. You might also find helpful this SPAM review, and it can help you understand the concept and how to profit from it.


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