Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg & The Pacific PS4/PS5

Started by spelk, August 12, 2021, 07:18:10 AM

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This title released on the Playstation platform the last week, without announcement or fanfare.

PS4/5 Launch Trailer

I was skeptical about it transferring to console and controller use.

The game was sold as two separate games or a double bundle.

I pulled the trigger because I couldn't see a "proper" wargame go to waste on my console, with so little other titles on there.. and I'm glad I did, I quite enjoyed it and the UI is fairly intuitive on console, it uses an analogue stick as a point and click mechanism, pretty much as it would on a PC with mouse and keyboard. Relatively few actions are needed to control the majority of the game.

It was nice to go knee deep into the tutorial Spanish Civil War mission with limited units and have the scenario open up and up, adding further objective onto you in a manageable fashion, whilst you learned the systems at play.

I've had it crash once, when trying to do some cinematic moves with one or two units but other than that it has been fairly stable (which you would hope).

Only done a few missions into the Blitzkrieg game, so can't comment on how The Pacific fairs... but if titles like this can make it to console, things a looking up (a little) for us wargamers. Consoles are now exploring out niche..

I noticed Order of Battle was out on the Xbox One the other day..