"Well of Hell" finally explored

Started by steve58, September 26, 2021, 03:45:37 PM

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A gaping hole in the Earth that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries has finally been explored. The natural wonder, popularly known as the "Well of Hell," has for years endured as an enigma in the desert in the Al-Mahra province of Yemen. The well measures 100 feet wide and reaches about 360 feet down.

Until recently, nobody had ever been to the bottom; however, there has been much conjecture about what might be lurking down there.

Those who live near the hole, officially named the Well of Barhout, have long believed anything that comes close to the pit would be sucked in without escape. Yemeni oral tradition, passed down for centuries, calls the well "a prison of dark spirits sheltered by unbearable odors that come from its entrails."

As recently as this summer, Yemeni officials admitted they didn't know what might be down there. Stories of demons and other supernatural figures known as jinns or genies that live in the well have circulated among locals throughout the centuries. Many nearby residents don't even like to talk about the hole, let alone visit it, for fear of bad luck.

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Well Hell, no Hell Well full of Genies looks like.  ???
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