The Search For Extra Ts Program

Started by crowdrake, May 04, 2022, 07:47:09 PM

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What a day that was. :) 


its rough to discover extra solar testicles.  :-\
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Finaly got the audio going, but its a data reader viewer , you can lisen to pictures text anything its raw data, so quality isnt like a music file, its so you can lisen to space not bon jovi. the important bit it being able to tune into varying scan lines in static and find patens, you can then go deeper with binary like you would see on 8 bit computers, but from static. The planets are sheres so aliens would know things lik PI and Math, they would know gravinty and weight, they wouldd likely see light. this program is to search for such things


as you can see after I figured out the files from SETI an ALIENS head showed up if it was ausio from SETI and aq starchart for images etc... Spooky