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Started by Alomoes, May 04, 2023, 10:40:25 PM

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Hello.  I'm Alomoes.  I'm doing scenario creating in a couple of games, mainly TOAW IV, and I'm looking for people who know very specific stuff about various things like the early period of the French Revolution before Napoleon, the Civil War, the Korean War, and a couple other topics.  Mainly looking for OOBs and information on doctrine.  I might play games here, but I'm more or less here to learn about scenario design.  Currently, I'm working on a scenario about the Korean War in 2020, but the OOB research is going slowly. 

I have a lot of games, and I play religiously, but recently I've taken to creating stuff now.  Most played game is TOAW IV, mainly because I've been messing around with the editor so much, and testing things out.  So uh, yeah, I guess I'll go to the research area, and ask for some help finding sources for my hypothetical 2020 Korean War


Welcome. I hope you get the help you need. Be sure to direct us to your scenarios if you ever finish them.
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Welcome aboard! 

I admire your efforts in scenario making.  It's hard work finding all the information and then even harder creating the scenario with enough info text included so that others know what your intentions are. 

I've created a few historical scenarios for CivIII so I'm familiar with OOB searches.  I find the best place to get that kind of information is in hardcover book form.  Try your local library and or specialty book stores. 
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