Soviet Dawn Deluxe edition?

Started by demjansk1942, September 17, 2022, 05:17:40 AM

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I have the game in The small version from 10 years ago (approx) by Victory Games, going by memory, I like the game and was asking if this new version has a lot of new items besides the board.  Is it bringing more options into the game?  Thanks


This is what the designer said in an interview when asked about the differences....

Grant: What opportunities has this 2nd edition given to you to improve upon the original? What is different this time around?

Darin: Because of VPG's original design process, Soviet Dawn is a particularly well-crafted game. I will explain. You see at VPG, originally, the games were "print on demand". So, that means that the first copy of a game might have errata that wasn't caught, but when it is caught, the next copy could incorporate that errata. So, very soon, VPG was producing errata free copies of the game. I used to joke, truthfully, that my "designer copies" were the most flawed versions of the game.

That being said, I did find that political victory had become more common than outlasting the cards in the game (traditional victory), so I was able to go through the C3I edition (RBM Studio) to add what I call my "Spinal Tap" option where political level can go up to "10" rather than 9, making political victory a little more difficult.

The game itself has the same engine. No reason to tinker with what works, but there is a major perk here. There was an expansion kit with additional event cards and some additional optional rules.  I understand that nowadays those are hard to come by. All of the expansion set cards will be included in the Soviet Dawn Deluxe Edition. I am also a big believer in value added editions, so I hope the new edition will see my historical article on the true history of the conflict and some additional perks.

Of course, the big opportunity here is also to bring up the quality of the game components. The card styles are greatly changed and most have newly added period photographs.


Thanks Grim, perfect explanation, the game is pricey and not sure if I will purchase.  Thanks for the link artcle