Airfix Battles, an introductory wargame! its fantastic!!

Started by crowdrake, September 28, 2022, 03:16:14 PM

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as a bonus, all the units can be used for Bolt Action too, the infantry even have bazookas etc... there are AT guns, and all have flip sides.

Airfix Battles, an introductory wargame! its fantastic!! you can easily mod the rules too, and add your own unit cards. but its great as is.  I put a board together with four boxes to get lots of mapboards, added some terrain around the edges, but left the centre flat for the counters to move in the squares,I have a train set going round thr edge for when I am not playing it, I am going to have a travel by rail rule. the rules are easy and REALY good. The game is cheap, you get two flipmaps and about 150 chits with vehicles and infantry, you get some nice force cards and an action deck, it even has a solo mode.


I took a look at this. Seems interesting. There is even a demo module on Table Top Simulator. Price is pretty good as well.
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I decided to use a normal board to play with 6inches as a move factor. I am attacking a german held town, My units are laning on the beach and a tank from the north. i am using Axis and allies flag chits, as my battle are going to be big, and I will be useing numbers from a box more than once , so I can eg have a sherman as 3, and a german as 3.


Quote from: ArizonaTank on September 30, 2022, 09:02:44 AM
I took a look at this. Seems interesting. There is even a demo module on Table Top Simulator. Price is pretty good as well.

yes for this price its well worth a shot, but as a solo player i have to say its perfect for me

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I tried it at a Con (last year, I think.  Memory's getting hazy).  Probably a good bridging game to bring people into wargaming/minis.  I found the gameplay like a mix of Memoir '44 and Tide of Iron.  Buckets of dice and lots of cards to modify stuff.  If it were a minis game I hosted, I think I'd prefer a somewhat crunchier ruleset but I'll happily play if someone else's copy (I just don't wanna do all the setup and teardown.  The game played very fast and I think the poor bugger who hosted our game spent as much time lugging his mins and terrain around, setting up, and tearing down as we did playing).

They're going to use the same rules for the upcoming Homecomings minis game.  It'll be interesting to see how (or if) they deal with the z-axis and units at different heights.


I like it so much, because its so good solo, it may not be like some other games, but the cards and force deck make my solo play really enjoyable, I get game paralysis when playing solo, but this game i can play