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Started by bayonetbrant, October 31, 2013, 08:32:00 AM

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QuoteOver the past several years, I have noticed two disconnected themes. First, a growing frustration from game developers (many on this list) that they are being pushed out of the military market for a variety of reasons. Second trend is the growing number of senior leaders (1,2, and 3 star generals) that not only tolerate discussions about games, but are PUSHING to get more of them in the hands of Soldiers and leaders.

I work in the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) in the TRADOC headquarters at Fort Eustis, VA. I am working a few different, but related, efforts to better leverage the use of games.

1 - Early Synthetic Prototyping. We want a game environment available to all Soldiers on/off duty where they are able to assess and provide feedback of future capabilities to inform Science and Technology investments as well as influence concept, doctrine, and organization development. Right now we are working with a popular first-person shooter, but we are interested (very interested) in a aggregate level game where we could assess future capabilities at the company, battalion, brigade level.

2 - Game to support deep future wargame excursions. Without going into the details here, we are interested in a game where we could take 'dilemmas&# 39; identified during a high profile wargame and leverage crowd sourcing to gain better solutions/insights.

So, here is the open invitation: If you would like to discuss these ideas further, please let me know. Also, if you want to give a demonstration of what you have been working on, I can/certainly set something up where your audience includes several COL's, and possibly a general, who is interested in leveraging the capabilities of games to support our primary function, explore and architect the future of the Army.

Only caveat - I cannot provide funds for travel, and there is no promise of funding.

As you can imagine, what I am doing here is rather unorthodox. But I think the Army needs to get a little more creative to addressing our problems. We do not have the funding to invest millions on traditionally developed simulation and still miss the mark.

Again, feel free to contact me about these opportunities. I have a lot of respect for the members of this group and I think the Army needs to explore what you are able to offer.

LTC Brian Vogt
Branch Chief, Future Technologies
Joint and Army Modeling & Simulation Division
Concept Development and Learning Directorate
Army Capabilities Integration Center
Training and Doctrine Command
Fort Eustis, VA

(contact info redacted)
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Sorry for necroing this thread but I'm new so I'm kinda getting caught up.

I did not realize that this fantasy was still alive and kicking, been floating around for years (I'm talking item 1).


I'd like to see a more detailed "mission/intent" statement.