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Graphic Designer needed

Started by Duncan, November 22, 2014, 12:32:30 PM

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Hi all,

i am looking for a Graphic designer for a project in progress since more than one year.
You can find more infos about this project here.


  • Computer wargames. I don't like touch devices for wargames.
  • WWII Era.
  • The project is a 2 games in 1 project. Operational game as a generator of dynamic tactical battles.
  • Operational and Tactical games are turn based.
  • Tactical game technology is not yed defined (3d vs2d)

The  operational game is currently a free game and will probably remains free but the whole project is a commercial project.
The tactical game technology will be 3d if 2d doesn't give satisfaction in terms of look and feel.
Currently a 2d game engine is in progress but the 3d engine too. The 2d engine is more advanced and (of course) easier to develop.

I need a graphic designer for

  • the whole project UI design
  • Sprites design for the 2D part of the project
  • Helping me to validate the tactical game technology

Of course i have no money for this project. :D Crowdfunding is an option but requires graphical footage.

If you're interesed PM me for more infos.