Would The Grog VR community like a VOX day?

Started by MiniHexer, August 18, 2021, 12:01:01 AM

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VOX MACHINAE, is supercool Mech combat, and believe me it is awsome. its in early access but multiplayer combat deathmatches are in, sadly not many people are joining matches yet. Would all VR grogs like a two hour slot on a day and same on a nighttime. ?

We could drive Vox to popularity, and Mech combat never get boring , Mech Warrior 5 is 2D so Vox could beat it to a pulp with VR!

May I suggest times, all times relavant to UK time, so how about sunday midday , and midnight both for two hours, I shall create a match if Im able on sunday for grogs to join, but we all need to so there are matches going all the time.