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Title: Gloria Victis medieval mmo
Post by: AchillesLastStand on May 16, 2016, 12:28:07 PM

 Anyone else tried this? I recently bought into the game for only 10 bucks with about 50 hours of gametime and am having a blast. It will be released on Steam EA next month and while all the planned features aren't in the game yet, it is still very very playable and fun.

 What is Gloria Victis?
 Gloria Victis is a low-fantasy MMORPG set in a world similar to Medieval Europe and Middle East.

 Will there be an open world?
 Yes, the player wonít be limited to follow linear paths. The world will be one entirety without loading screens or division of regions.

 The war is my destiny! How will the combat system look like?
 The combat is based on a non-target system, which means manual handling and striking blows. It will require good positioning against the enemy and attacking it at the right moment. The whole combat will mostly depend on the playerís skills rather than character equipment, which the player will have to use properly.

 The player will have a wide range of abilities. During battles, he will be able to accept melee and ranged weapons, use mounts, siege machines and ships.
 Will there be open PvP?
 There will be open PvP all over the map, excluding certain areas described as Safe Zones (e.g. nations' capitals or plot-related towns). There will be also duels, arena fights, territory control and both guild and faction wars. However, slaying allies may result in punishments and sanctions.
 What about looting? I want to plunder my enemies!
 We plan to use an innovative Partial Loot system to add some thrill to PvP fights. During a set amount of time, it allows the winner of the fight to loot chosen items from a defeated enemy. However, it requires more time to take equipped items than the ones stored in inventory. With this system we hope to make Gloria Victis both engaging for experienced, regular gamers looking for challenges, and friendly for those who can spend less time playing and recovering after losses.

 You can learn more about it on our forums:
 And what about crafting and economy? I love to create goods and trade!
 There are 8 different yet related crafts to learn, but the player will be able to master only a few. Crafting processes will be based on real techniques of Medieval craftsmen. They will consist of gathering the required materials, their appropriate preparation and then crafting the desired item. Thatís why access to resources, workshops and tools will be so important. Many of the processes will require materials crafted by different craftsmen, providing yet another reason for player cooperation.

 You will be able to create every item existing in the game: jewelry, weapons, armor and even ships, houses and town fortifications. Trading between players will be an important part of Gloria Victis and so we give you all the power over the economy. Swords donít drop from wolves, they are smithed.

Title: Re: Gloria Victis medieval mmo
Post by: JasonPratt on May 16, 2016, 12:35:20 PM
Swords donít drop from wolves, they are smithed.

Title: Re: Gloria Victis medieval mmo
Post by: AchillesLastStand on April 14, 2020, 09:30:55 PM
Anyone else tried this out, I pledged into it before it was even released on Steam and played for several months before eventually being burnt out.

Looks like the game has gotten quite a bit added in the last several years including.
3 Nations
The Midlanders=More western Medieval like
The Ismirs=Similar to Vikings.
The Sangmars= Similar to Persian Medieval but strangely have some armor sets that appear to be more Greek.
A much bigger map.
An extensive crafting system including, farming, leather working, weaponsmith, and armorsmithing.
Castle sieges and defense.
World bosses
Mounts and mounted combat.
Abilities you can rank up via skill points.
And if i am not mistaken a Naval aspect is still planned.

Only 7.99 right now on Steam for the next day or so.
Title: Re: Gloria Victis medieval mmo
Post by: ArizonaTank on April 14, 2020, 10:02:22 PM
Glad to see it still has support from the devs after so many years...I'll try it for $8