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Computer Gaming / Re: Battlefront’s 2023 look ah...
Last post by Grim.Reaper - Yesterday at 08:57:01 AM
That is my suspicion as well, but guessing being tied to matrix has helped as well and would guess that matrix required steam.

In any event, I am in agreement.....would prefer more content and new versions by a landslide.
Computer Gaming / Re: Second Front (in Developme...
Last post by JasonPratt - Yesterday at 08:46:15 AM
Do they refer to the German side as "Nazis"? I can't recall, but if not, that may be due to requirements for a proper European market for the game. In which case, it would bother my OCD (I mean OD-C!) to call the Nazi side "Germans" but the Soviet side "Soviets".

Not enough to avoid the game. ;) I understand realpolitik marketing.

(Besides, this is what modding is for, among other things.)

Quote from: Sir Slash on January 29, 2023, 10:49:03 PMWOW! No ability to Save whenever you want? That could be a deal-breaker.  :TimeOut:

....yeah, I could see that being potentially more of a problem for me. I'm still willing to give it a try, but I'd rather have the option than the necessity to play Ironman mode. That combined with the requirement to beat certain missions in a particular order to unlock later kit and missions... well, okay, that's a tutorial-designed campaign structure, I get that, but imagine playing Panzer General or Combat Mission or CommandOps2 (or its predecessors) with a forced Ironman mode to campaign progression unlocking kit and missions.

To be fair, I do usually choose to play those games as a reload-mission on mission failure, but I also like the option to choose otherwise! Having that lack, combined with a forced campaign structure, is.... man, I dunno. I'm still willing to try, but I don't understand the design choice to combo those characteristics.
Current Events / Re: Russia's War Against Ukrai...
Last post by JasonPratt - Yesterday at 08:27:37 AM
Speaking of downplaying Wagner: is that Group even a thing anymore? I haven't been where I can keep up with their shennanigans, but I recall them taking boocoos of losses in the past few weeks, and I even posted a report that a (chief?) leader had defected to the West somewhere -- which I didn't have time to vett, so I was hoping someone would pro or con that.
Computer Gaming / Re: Nuclear War Simulator
Last post by Ian C - Yesterday at 08:19:13 AM
I checked out the STEAM page. I do appreciate this level of detail in an academic sense, but nothing more, as the subject is unnerving and sobering.

However, as an amateur writer of fiction and a roleplaying game player I think it would be very useful for creating plausible scenarios as a basis for fiction or post-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying games like Twilight 2000.

Current Events / Re: Russia's War Against Ukrai...
Last post by MengJiao - Yesterday at 08:05:50 AM
Quote from: Jarhead0331 on Yesterday at 12:15:30 AMAnyone who thinks this war is anywhere close to ending is seriously misguided. The worst is yet to come. Undoubtedly. Russia is nowhere close to collapse or coup.

  I'm beginning to think it might already be winding down (to a level that Russia can sustain for decades of course).  With Putin putting some serious generals in command and downplaying Wagner and co.,  it seems that Putin and his
associates are building up a case for one last hurrah that is never going to come.  If there was a major real attack
left in the Russian assessment of the situation they would need to make it right now, not in six months when the Ukrainians are heavily resupplied and upgraded.
Notice also that the Russians are saying "There's no point in negotiating now that NATO is supplying a lot
of major weapons."  Translating this from Russian rhetoric, it really means -- "We want to negotiate.  we see what is happening."
Notice also that Turkey is saying Finland can come into NATO.  This is more pressure on Russia to wind things down before they lose their leverage in Syria and Iran.
Notice also that Russian forces are pulling out of Belarus.  That sort of clinches the picture of a basic Russian intention of winding down this war -- sure it will go on for many years, but just to show that Putin is still running things.  Clearly, collapse is on Putin's mind.  If he can avoid collapse, he can stay in power, but the best way to avoid collapse is to wind down the war gradually.
And if that's true, you can see why the Ukrainians are asking for everything right now because as the actual threat from Russia fades, Western support will fade.
Anyway, that's my take on things and I've been totally wrong about this war from day 1.
Computer Gaming / Re: Battlefront’s 2023 look ah...
Last post by Jarhead0331 - Yesterday at 07:37:32 AM
Quote from: Grim.Reaper on Yesterday at 05:56:20 AMAlthough I appreciate and like they are moving games to steam, I just wonder how much time has been spent on it the last couple of years and whether it outweighs further advancing the games, working on a more modern engine, and such. I guess being on steam will provide them more money for the future and could help their multiplayer fans. Although their update process and licensing was a pain, the move to single installer made it better and think I could have lived with it while receiving much more stuff.  This update seems similar to the update from 2022, but they did mention pausing their professional work so maybe gives them more time.

In any event, will continue to support them as I pretty much own everything they have released in the series.

My hunch is that being on steam doesn't really attract too many more sales and revenue for Battlefront. I think most people with an interest in these types of games already have what they want and most potential future customers would find them anyway and not base their decision to buy on steam availability.

I mean, certainly some are waiting to buy additional titles as we've seen in this thread, but I think this is the exception rather than the rule.

Personally, I'd prefer they focus on new content and improvements rather than porting over.
Computer Gaming / Re: Norbsoftdev (Waterloo & Ge...
Last post by Vox - Yesterday at 07:16:40 AM
I really enjoy Scourge of War: Gettysburg,Chancellorsville,Antietam, Brandy Station, and Pipe Creek. These games are a sequel to "Take Command: Bull Run and Second Manassas". (Still available Steam) .  There are plenty of mods, maps, and scenarios too

I like the game's emphasis on taking command. It's is not control of individual units (although you certainly can) but rather command as Army general  all the way down to a brigade level that I like. Reminds me of my other fav Command Op 2.

I also like the game's HITS (optional) mode or "Headquarters In The Saddle."  When playing in HITS mode, your viewpoint is locked to your general, and all orders are issued to your subordinate commanders via couriers. It's gives unique first-person view  from the 3D game map that is immersive for a WG.
Computer Gaming / Re: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnou...
Last post by CaptainKoloth - Yesterday at 06:24:45 AM
You get a lot of these types in DCS too. Unquestionably that game has its bugs and so forth, but you do get this weird vicious subculture where they'll release a switch-for-switch accurate, lovingly crafted AH-64 (for example), and people immediately pop up on the forums saying "I COULDN'T SHOOT NUCLEAR WEAPONS AT B-52s WHILE IN A LEFT BARREL ROLL FIVE SECONDS AFTER BOOTING IT UP FOR THE FIRST TIME ALSO IT'S HARD DCS SUCKS 0/10" :shrug: Sigh.... internet.
Computer Gaming / Re: Battlefront’s 2023 look ah...
Last post by Grim.Reaper - Yesterday at 06:17:28 AM
Yes, you can for free put your games onto steam.  If you own shock force, Black Sea, or Cold War, those are already available on steam.
Computer Gaming / Re: Battlefront’s 2023 look ah...
Last post by Destraex - Yesterday at 06:06:30 AM
Can somebody please remind me whether we can all port our old licenses over to steam for free?
This timeline looks great.