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Readers Choice Awards: 2016 AAR of the Year Nominations

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--- Quote from: Strela on December 20, 2016, 12:41:56 AM ---I thought Gstockbridge's AAR covering the British 6th Airborne's landing 'East of the Orne' from Panzer Battles - Normandy was one of the prettiest and well laid out reports I had seen for quite awhile.

He did it completely in Powerpoint and included a heap of additional information including the actual history and his opponents commentary interspersed throughout the action. Add the period photos and it is a very engaging read. to see the whole report laid out...


--- End quote ---

That's a helluva AAR.

An interesting presentation. I'd tried to figure a way to do AAR playthroughs in Storyline 2 but there's no way to host the files that I'm aware of. Still, that's food for future thought.

Voting is now open for Game-Year 2016

Note that you will need a Google acc't to vote this time around, since we're using Google Forms for the survey.
Being extorted by SurveyMonkey last year was a pretty painful experience for us.


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