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I thought I'd try wheat first.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
Tried out Yokohama at the FLGS tonight.  Some of the ugliest game components I've seen since Eclipse but the game itself was interesting.  Simple mechanics but playing effectively is tough and it can be quite the brain burner.  I screwed up and over-committed with my buildings early on and got myself in a hole that took a long time to dig out of.  The winning player almost lapped me on the score track by the end of it. 

Arctic Blast:
Picked up Antike II in the math trade that just finished last week. Going to read the rules tonight and hopefully get it on the table this weekend. I've been curious about it for a while, but just not enough to buy it new.

Picked up and played code word with my folks. Fun game and very easy to pick up.

Also picked up ticket to ride and will be playing with the two older kids tomorrow.

Which Ticket to Ride?


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