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Mayfair Games Closing After 36 Years

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But apparently, Asmodee is taking their assets over.

From their Facebook page, less than an hour ago:

--- Quote ---As of today, the management team at Mayfair Games, Inc. announces we will wind down game publishing. After 36 years, this was not an easy decision or one we took lightly, but it was necessary. Once we had come to this conclusion, we knew we had to find a good home for our games which is when we reached out to Asmodee.

We are pleased to announce that we have sold our games to Asmodee North America, who have acquired all the assets of Mayfair Games, Inc. This acquisition includes the product line for both Mayfair Games, Inc and Lookout Games, GmbH.

We would like to take a moment to say - Thank You! Thank you to the many retailers, reviewers, customers, industry partners, and volunteers, who made us a success over the past 36 years! You helped bring our games to game stores and cafes, conventions, libraries, schools, kitchen tables, backyard patios, family vacations, and more... where thousands of fans have been introduced to this great world of board gaming. Thank you!!
--- End quote ---

Hrmm.. not sure if I have any of their games. 

Also:  Asmodee is slowly taking over the boardgame world.  The EA or Disney of boardgaming?   ???

Euros, like Caverna, and 18XX games are or were the Mayfair staple.

Mayfair originally was based on Train centered board games.  Those have a strong following.  They have big contests at large conventions usually called "Puffing Billy" events.  I met the owner back in the very early days in the late 1980s and that was his love and the focus of the company.

They evolved over time and have a much broader catalogue of other games.  But I think their big sellers were always the train focused ones.

I remember a whole bunch of their mid-80s sci-fi board games, the The Company War


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