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The list of players that have so far confirmed themselves as being in this game are:

* IncompetentIdiot
* Iconoclast
* craniumgroup
* Bearodactyl
* billcoop4
* James Sterrett
* Jimlacey1
* Lowenstaat
* forzamark
* OJsDad
* crak
* Davidkvh
* CyranoStill waiting to hear from Brojd and Tomg. If we don't hear from them by tomorrow, there are two Reserve players waiting in the wings.

I highly recommend everyone set up their forum profiles so as to receive and email if there are new posts in a forum thread. It's too easy to miss something otherwise.

I'm a colleague of James Sterrett and "believe" (always a dangerous thing) that he's prepped the way for me to request to join the game.

Looking forward to it!

Due to time differences and forum difficulties Brojd was unable to get to the forums yesterday and read the posts concerning responding to the email to get organized. He has since contacted me. I'd like to ask one of the fine gentlemen participating in both games to voluntarily turn over their position to Brojd so he can play in at least one game.


Player briefs have been sent! We'll no spend about a week allowing both sides to communicate and plan, and let me know their initial dispositions. Game time will then start and all communications between players will stop.

Bon chance!/Viel Glück!

He means all direct emails between players will stop, unless you're in a proximity judged instantaneous by the umpire.

Communications can still go on but they have to be sent by courier, i.e. to the umpire for him to pass along (and track on the map).


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