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Wolfpack AAR: Pink's Dilemma

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First off gents, going to take me a bit to get serious with this AAR, as today's a pretty hectic day, but I'll start it here, in part to make sure I follow through  :-".  I'll add to it as I can.

The Scenario I'll do is one of the smaller ones, "Pink's Dilemma". It's set during the convoy battle of ONS-5 in May 1943 ("Black May").  The Germans had made a coordinated attack on the convoy which was largely unsuccessful, but a small group of ships had separated from the main convoy, under the escort of the HMS Pink (a Flower-class Corvette).  Historically, the Pink prosecuted one contact with a sub, causing serious damage, but a second sub got into her mini-convoy (thus the dilemma).

So, looking at the image, I have two subs. Right now, I'm focused on the easternmost one. U-358.  Light clouds with a wind of 10kts. 

I have to leave in a second, but to give you a bit of idea of what you're seeing.  The sub is surrounded by a number of circles, wedges and the like.
1) The yellow circle is current visible range.  Though the clouds do break LOS.  Note, this is the range at which I can see them.  Subs are harder to see, but if you get close enough, they will spot you.
2) the Black 3/4 circle is your main gun.  You don't have an aft firing arc because the gun is blocked by the Conning Tower.  The gun fires automatically, though you can order it not to fire. (Handy for night battles when you don't want to reveal  your position.)
3) The two blue arcs are your fore and aft torpedoes.

You'll notice on the lower left minimap that you have another sub off to the west.

I have to scoot to work now, so over the next few days, I'll share my misadventures in submarining. Then, my even worse misadventures on the bridge of the HMS Pink  :D

Subscribing!!  O0 :notworthy:

Thanks, so much for putting in this extra effort.


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