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Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943: El Guettar

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Turn 5, Battle 2
23 March 1943, 15:00

German armor intercepts our company of M10 TDs heading south.


: showThe M10s are caught in a bit of a cross fire, but we manage to hold our ground and none of our TDs were destroyed.

Turn 6

The last two M10 companies arrive this turn. Sending one of them to the northern area and another one to the south to join A company. We need to push on the northern flank to capture the VP, while holding onto our VP in the south.

We are currently losing the campaign in victory points. Hopefully we can squeeze out a win if we manage to do the above mentioned.

Turn 6, Battle 1
23 March 1943, 18:00

The southern front is attacked again by German armor and a new unknown battlegroup. Probably more tanks.

The Battle:

: showOur 37mm AT guns have been able to hold their ground for multiple battles, but this was the last straw. The Germans were able to break through our lines once my AT guns were neutralized and I withdrew from the battle. I lost the VP square as a result. Not good.



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