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Now that I'm retired I wanted to get back into board wargaming, specifically Advanced Squad Leader which I played extensively 30+ years ago.  But at my more advanced age I'm finding it difficult to enjoy the experience.  It's just way to complex now, or maybe it's just me not wanting to take the time to learn it.  I was researching alternatives that might be less complex and came upon Old School Tactical by Flying Pig Games.  It appears well done and not as complex as ASL.  Anyone here have experience with it?  Is it solitaire friendly?  Other products I might want to check out? Thanks.

I have Old School an oblique brush with baseball fame I got my copy from Curt Schilling (sadly he did not autograph it) who used to sell his gaming stuff from time to time on Ebay...but that is another story.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to play OST. But it does seem like "ASL lite". The package is robust and the quality of components is very high. 

Other games you might look at:

-Conflict of Heroes: If squad level tactical is where you want to be, you might also look at the Conflict of Heroes series by Academy games. I have all of the games and enjoy playing it. Very relaxed, easy to learn rules. Game components are top notch. Large thick counters with large print for older folks like me.  Mounted boards. COH is far less complex than ASL, but still fun and dynamic with plenty of meaningful chrome. 50% Vassal Support (not all games have modules)
Here are the rules:

-Combat Commander Series:  This is an excellent WWII squad level card driven system by GMT that has plenty of fans including me. The base games and supplements cover almost all infantry combat in WWII. It has only tepid rules for armored fact AFVs are mostly maybe not the best comprehensive system. However gameplay is very dynamic and is a great gaming experience.  Rules are slightly more complex than Conflict of Heroes IMHO. As usual, top notch GMT components. 100% Vassal support

-Panzer Series: A little more complex, but not nearly to the level of ASL, is GMT's Panzer series. Actually the game is an update to Yaquinto's old Panzer game. As the title suggests, the emphasis is on armor, but the other arms, including artillery, infantry and air to ground are well represented. Armor combat is resolved almost to the level of a good miniatures game (with hit location, and varying armor thickness). I like the game very much, and as an old ASL'er myself, I find myself gravitating towards Panzer. Covers the European Theater pretty well, with North Africa being in the works. The Pacific will probably continue to be missing in action with this series however. The series also extends into the modern era with the "MBT" series of games. Another plus is that compared with ASL, the modules are relatively inexpensive. As with any GMT game, the components are top notch. However boards are not mounted. 100% Vassal support.   

-War Storm Series: This series is one level up on the tactical hierarchy. A platoon level game series, I have found it to be fun and fresh. The series is not as developed as some others, but it is slowly growing.  The two publishers are Compass Games and Draco Ideas. I really like the way it portrays leadership at that level. It also represents the Spanish Civil War and France '40 that are refreshing. 100% Vassal Support

-Panzer Grenadier Series: This series is the "Big Kahuna" of the platoon level game systems. I am not a fan because I have some picky issues with the way leadership is portrayed. Having said that, I own and have played many of them. But the series is without a doubt very popular. Also it covers almost every possible corner of conflict in WWII and even spills into WWI and the Korean War. Until recently, little Vassal support.

-Advanced Tobruk System (ATS): I am a little reluctant to mention ATS, because it is somewhat like ASL, without quite the heavy rule book. I would say that complexity is slightly higher than Panzer. Critical Hit is the publisher, and they are also a presence in the ASL world. There are a ton of modules and stand alone game boxes. The system is based on Avalon Hill's classic Tobruk game. I have and have played several of games and modules. Armor combat is as detailed as in Panzer (maybe even a little more), and I like ATS, just not as much as Panzer. Also, the price of entry is little high IMHO and the components range from just OK to good. Vassal support is tightly controlled by the publisher, making it sometimes hit and miss.

Thanks AT...I appreciate the detailed reply.  :notworthy:  I'm going to check them all out, but from your descriptions I think Conflict of Heroes and Panzer series look the most promising, as well as OST.  These games aren't cheap so I have to pick one and go with it. 

Have you checked out Lock n Load Tactical?  That's a well renowned "ASL lite" system, very cheap entry price for the starter kits.


--- Quote from: al_infierno on July 24, 2020, 01:59:51 PM ---Have you checked out Lock n Load Tactical?  That's a well renowned "ASL lite" system, very cheap entry price for the starter kits.

--- End quote ---

No, I haven't but I added it to my list.  Thanks.


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