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--- Quote from: Rayfer on July 25, 2020, 10:04:47 AM ---Thanks for the great advice.  I ordered the LnL Tactics Starter Kit that lets me check out the game for only $14.99.    Ps. does LnL Nations at War differ from Tactical?  Thanks.

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Nations at War is platoon level, each counter is 3-5 tanks or 20-30 men. Hexes represent 250 m. Tactical is squad level, each counter is a single vehicle or 8-12 men. Hexes are about 50 m.

NaW plays very differently. It has a chit draw system for entire formations to move and sometimes a formation doesnít get to move in a turn. LnLT is impulse based where I move a unit or single stack and then you move , back and forth until everyone has acted.

NaW was derived from their WWIII platoon level game World at War, now World at War 85. I think the system works much better in the modern setting than WWII.

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Thanks....I made the right choice between the two.

Another alternative are the ASL Starter Kits.  Same basic system without the bells and whistles.

I know the topic is old, however, I like the solitaire games by Greg Smith and David Thompson, all solitaire.

Playing Pavlovs House and itís fun.  Getting Castle Itter soon and then Postmnen Uniforms

I own Conflict of Heroes, Lock n Load, ALL of the Combat Commander games, Fighting Formations and a few other tactical systems. Obviously I am a huge fan of tactical warfare.

While all of those are great games in their own right, the ONE game I will never stop playing is the Band of Brother series. It handles suppression beautifully and you actually have to use Find 'em Fix 'em Flank 'em tactics used in WW2 otherwise you WILL suffer huge casualties.

It also seamlessly works with armor. Here's a review of the 1st game in the series from a few years ago - it has been updated, check out "Ghost Panzer 2nd edition" or any of the remastered editions.

If you're strictly playing solo, ASL is *not* a good choice (but it can't be beat for face to face play IMO).  There is always VASSAL/VASL if looking to get back into ASL; there's lots of guys very willing to help teach/refresh on there.  And as a former ASL player, you likely recall that you can make ASL as complex as you like: there's 100's of infantry only scenarios where you read 20 pages of Ch. A and a couple of paragraphs on the terrain used on the board(s) in Ch. B and you're good to go.  Routing and the Defensive Fire Principles are the two toughest topics in an infantry only scenario but not impossible at all to work through (and there's lots of good online resources that will answer any questions).

Just thought I'd chime in as I browse back around.  :)


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