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The Battle of Fox Gap-14 September 1862

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The end result of this battle is a "Major Defeat" for the US, although I'm not sure what I did wrong.  The Union captured Fox Gap, and had a positive victory point total over the CSA, so I think I achieved the victory conditions, albeit according to the game, my point total was too low for a win. Historically, the USA suffered 889 casualties, while the CSA suffered 433 killed or wounded and 210 captured.  So the game result of 1234 US and 1554 CSA were much greater than the historical numbers, had this happened at the real battle of Fox Gap, I think it would have been a Union victory.  Certainly, DH Hill's unit would have been severely hurt before the battle three days later at Antietam.  Surprisingly, the Kanawha Division achieved the best results in this scenario, accounting for 60% of the total Union score.  This was despite having the most inexperienced commander and relatively inexperienced units.  All in all, I enjoyed this scenario.  If others would like me to continue this series, please let me know.  Also, I'm experimenting with the idea of doing these as a video series, so I would be interested in hearing any opinions on that idea.

Addendum: I may not have captured Fox Gap according to the game program.  I thought I had occupied the objective with the required number of troops for the required amount of time, but I may have erred.  In any case, it was well behind my lines at the end of the scenario, and no longer a threat so I'll call this a win :)

Sir Slash:
I'd love to see more.  :notworthy:

Here's a couple of images of the South Mountain Battlefield, taken between 1912 and 1922.  Now, most of Wise's field is wood land, although attempts are trying to restore it to its 1862 appearance.

Drawing of Wise's Farm from the North

Old Sharpsburg Road, 1912 (The road is now called Reno Monument Road)

Wise Farm from the Ridge Road looking South

View from Wise's South Field, Looking North.  North field in background.  Ridge road on left.  Reno Monument in Center right of photo

Someone studied those photos well when working up that scenario!

Let us know if you develop a video production of the fight.  :notworthy:


--- Quote from: JasonPratt on March 23, 2021, 04:52:47 PM ---Someone studied those photos well when working up that scenario!

Let us know if you develop a video production of the fight.  :notworthy:

--- End quote ---

I took a video of the fight.  I'm debating with myself on how to present it.  I'm toying with the idea of not speaking, but occassionally throwing in a slide that talks about what I am attempting to do, and/or some historical background to the actual fight: quotes from soldiers who fought in it, etc.  I don't know if that would be interesting, though.  Whatever I ultimately decide, I will probably do  a series on the entire South Mountain battle.  If that is well received, I may do Antietam as a follow up.


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