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The 25th at 8PM GMT+1 we will launch our new Kickstarter campaign for our next two games, Border States and Saladin. Games will be available in English and it will be possible to pledge them individually or as a special offer "Duel Pack".

1861. The American Civil War erupts. The Union, led by Abraham Lincoln, is opposed to the Confederacy of Jefferson F. Davis. In the midst of this conflict, 5 slaves states, called the Border States (Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and West Virginia), are torn between abolitionists and slavers. They are the ones who can change the outcome of the war.

Border States is a tactical game for 2 players where each player takes control of one side. You will have to fight battles and win crushing victories in order to influence the Border States and try to rally them to your side. Bluff and guessing will be your best friends to lead your Generals to victory in around 45 minutes.

There are two ways to win the game: control enough States markers to win by sudden death, or be the player with the most victory points at the end of the 5 rounds.

Saladin is the first game of the series "En Ordre de Bataille" which will present for each volume a legendary medieval leader and two battles in which he has shown himself.

Saladin is a game intended to recreate the famous battles of Hattin and Arsuf where Saladin was opposed to the crusaders troops of Guy de Lusignan and then to those of Richard the Lionheart. In Saladin take charge of one of the armies that fought each other. Order your horsemen to harass the crusaders ranks or launch a devastating charge with your heavily armored knights. Saladin is an epic game for history and strategy fans.

Saladin is a historical wargame for 2 players. Having chosen one of the two battle scenarios and set up the game, each player, in turn, will order one of their Banners. They will make them fight in order to disorganize those of their opponent. For this it will be necessary to spend Order tokens, the number of which will decrease at the beginning of each turn.

The player who will manage to preserve the cohesion of their troops by retaining the precious Order tokens will be declared the winner.

The page of the project is up. Launch tomorrow 8 PM GMT+1.

The video of the project :

The campaign is live!

Thank you for your support that will make the publication of Border States and Saladin possible. The Duel Pack, it is two games proposing tense and fun games in less than one hour, but with a very different dynamic. Saladin is based on your ability to manage your precious Order tokens and keep the cohesion of your troops longer than your opponent. In Border States, you will need to try to guess the priority of the other player to win the battles that will allow you to influence the Border States. Two games full of hard decision to take in order to win. Try one, and you will love the other!

Why Duel Pack ? Some of you wondered if it was a mistake, but it is a pun (at least a tentative by French guys...). Duel is because we propose two players games, and pack, well because there are two games. So the Duel Pack name!

Stretch Goal sighted!

Well now, we will try to get some stretch goals. As explained, SG will be mainly improvements of the components of the two games. We want to keep everything under control not to delay production and thus delivery. So the first set of SG concerns wooden tokens!

In Border States, you will have to influence the Border States by winning battles. On the gameboard there are 5 Influence tracks, one for each state where you will move the State tokens showing the balance of influence. With this Stretch goal, we will do custom tokens (20), with different shapes instead of some classic circular tokens.

In Saladin, the Crusader may perfom a Shield Wall action to protect against Ayyubids harassment. Instead of having a basic token, we will do a custom Shield token.

In the Hattin scenario, the Ayyubids may perform special actions to set and feed a brush fire. During the real battle, they did it to exhaust the Crusaders already suffering greatly from the heat. Again, we will do a custom fire marker to note that the fire is set on the battlefield.

Production and delivery:

As indicated, we plan to deliver the games by end of this year. As you may see in the video reviews of Saladin, the game is nearly finished. We have still to perform some adjustments in the rules following the last feedbacks we received, and finalize the layout of the English Rulebook. For Border States, we need to do the layout of the rules, as proofreading is nearly finished.

Thanks again for your support!

Well the first SG did not stand for long! So the improved tokens for Saladin are yours.

Good occasion to speak about... actions in the game.

In Saladin, you will have to order your banners (formation made of mounted or on-foot soldiers). An ordered banner will be able to perform an action. Most of the time, effects of the action will be determined by rolling dice.

Above is a Charge action. It will cost 2 Orders to the Crusader player. Red dice will affect the targeted Ayyubids banner, and the green dice the Crusader banner performing the action. So clearly, Ayyubids shall avoid a charge if they can... The last white icon indicates that there will be a status change, as the banners will be commited in close combat after the charge.

The Shieldwall action is a bit specific, as you won't roll dice. The -1 green dice means that the Ayyubids will launch one less dice if they attack this banner. The soldiers stand in formation shoulder to shoulder, holding their shields so that they abut or overlap. Now you will be able to deploy the nice Shield custom token in front of your men!

In Hattin, the Ayyubids did light a brush fire. It is quite costly to light, 3 Orders it, but the following turns you will just have to feed it for 1 Order. This action will force the Crusader to spend 1 of their orders. As the game advances, Orders tokens are more and more sparse, so to lose an order that way can hurt a lot. Beware of the nice fire token you will be able to place on the battlefield!


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