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Kickstarter Border States and Saladin by Shakos

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Hi everyone,

Well I'm a bit late, but the recruitment boards are yours. These two boards, one per side, will be printed on greyboard 1,5mm. This is a suggestion of our artist, Nicolas Roblin, to improve the game ergonomy to desing and provide such boards. He is working on them, and we should be able to show you what they will look like before the end of this campaign.

So let's see how you will use them.

Each side has 10 General blocks at their disposal. They will fight the battles and get victories to seize the Influence cubes needed to win.

Each turn, players will draw randomly 4 blocks. They are the available Generals you will send to battles. The others 6 are drawn randomly to create the recruitment queue. Each round of battle, players will take 1 of their Generals in the queue to add to their available Generals. It will be 1 of the Generals placed at one end of the queue.

The recruitment boards will allow to create this recruitment queue with slots for the 6 Generals blocks.

Hope you will like this nice addition to Border States!

The Shakos' team

Hi everyone!

We have a new SG behind us now. So Saladin will have its plastic tray to keep everything tidy inside the box. Let's hope we will have it soon for Border States as well!


Below are the results of the survey we launched to know about the next game in the "En Ordre de Bataille" series. We received more than 200 answers which is really great as it shows an interest for this series of game. And as you can see, the winners are Wallace and his brave Scots! The battles portrayed should be Stirling Bridge and Falkirk.

Border States

Our artist, Nicolas, finalized the board of Border States as well. Hope you will like it as much as us.

That's all for today and thanks again for your support.

The Shakos' team

Hi everyone!

Well we did it, thanks a lot for the authors of Saladin and Border States as they will get a +10% bonus on every games sold during this crowdfunding campaign.

We are close to the end, however we have a few more SG in stock. These two will add some players aids to both games. Two cards, one for each player, that will be added and have rules reminder on them. These rules reminder will be printed on the back of the rulebook, but it would be more practical to have them also under hand. So let's see if we can get them.

Saladin is a great success and thank you a lot for that. Border States is a bit behind, however it deserves more that just a look in our opinion and the Duel Pack offer is pretty interesting. So just think maybe about the opportunity to upgrade if you don't have yet pledged for a Dual Pack!

Let's see tomorrow for the end of this campaign.

The Shakos team

If you missed the crowdfunding campaign, it is still possible to preorder the games on our website :

Hi all,

Time for a new update.

1. Production : Both games are still in production. We have a slight delay, and end of production is expected end October, beginning of November. You will find below some pictures from the factory. Printed elements are nearly done, delay is mainly due to wooden components.

2. Delivery : We still have lots of uncertainties currently concerning sea freight. For reference, a 40' container was $2000 last year (for N1807 Kickstarter delivery), and it is up to $15000 (and even more) now. This is more than a significant increase. Moreover it is currently not possible to book a container in advance. In order to absorb some of these unexpected costs, we will group ship the KS of BS/Saladin with Napoléon 1815 KS. It means an additionnal delay to BS/Saladin delivery of around one month (Napoléon 1815 was sent in production this week). However this way we will be able to load a full container for Europe for exemple and clearly save costs.

Last, you can still benefit from a discount if you order games on our website :

And we can't resist to show you pictures of the Napoléon 1815 sample !

Take care and stay safe!

The Shakos' team


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