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Panzerkampfwagen V in the basement


I guess no one told him the Red Army is defunct.


--- Quote ---Lawyers in Germany are wrangling over how to deal with a pensioner who stored a World War Two tank, anti-aircraft gun and torpedo in his basement.
--- End quote ---

IF it had been a Tiger instead of a Panther, I would have had a great pun in the title.

Dammit Carl!:
Always thought the arguments between the man and his wife over the tank in the basement would have been epic.

"Well,  where shall we put the washer and dryer?  We certainly can't put them in the basement because OF THE BLOODY DAMN TANK DOWN THERE!"

"Honey, Zhukov called and he said he isn't coming back by at all, so we can get rid of the tank now, yes?"

"The lack of ammo for your precious Panther downstairs is unsurprising; you've been firing nothing but hot air and promises for years now."


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