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CM x2

Started by Daroc, November 29, 2017, 09:02:29 AM

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I am done with battlefront entirely.

To date I have CMBN with all mod  (not Final Blitz) v3.0, CMFI + GL v3.0, CMRT v3.0, & CMBS v3.0. Total about 395.00

Would consider 200.00

I tried to sell thru Battlefront transferring everything thru them they never responded.

I would be willing to work with someone if they are interested in taking the whole package. Has CMSF with all mods not sure if they will work with you to get them installed or not but are inc with the acct.

PM me if interested.

P.S. email PW is changeable - The DRM is checked online with a Authorize/Deauthorize system currently have no authorized games on my account.  Also they have changed their policy of downloading games it is open to the game you purchased so all games are available to download from their site.  (except CMSF (pre CMBN CM x2) which if you own the core I have all the other modules and they can be downloaded).