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Andy ONeill:
Hi all.

The idea of this thread is to list the development work as it's done on the General Staff suite of apps.
This will be fairly low level stuff. I expect parts will not be very easy to follow unless you know the apps well.
Version numbers will eventually start appearing.
This way it should be easier for early adopters and beta testers to see what's in each change and Kickstarter supporters can see things are being done.
Higher level descriptions of work including significant milestones will be posted to Ezra's blog.

The thread is likely to get quite long and demonstrate just how dull most development work is with numerous iterations before you see Ta Daaa.... this bit looks like it's working... oh... well now it looks like it's working.... oh, wait a minute... better fix that bit.  And so on.

Much more of a crawl with occasional detours in the wrong direction than a sprint to the finish.

If you have questions, expressions of admiration  ;D or whatever then please start a separate thread.
Thanks in anticipation.

Andy ONeill:
Army Editor

These changes are intended to make it easier to work with the army editor when the window is narrowed. So you can work side by side with reference material, spreadsheets, Netflix or whatever.

Gridsplitter added between left treeview panel and right detail panel. Hover over the divider to see double headed arrow, click and hold to drag width left or right.

Items marked for copying now have saddle brown background and bottom border which is also increased to 2px.
The lime green selected item background overlays this but you can still see the bottom border and make out which are marked to copy without seeing the right part of the item.

Andy ONeill:
Scenario Editor

Minor changes to scenario info view.
Increased height of form so stacked controls have more space.
Scenario name textbox will wrap and grow if it fills but still limited to 50 characters so it fits on the main window OK.
Increase height of Scenario Description textbox and allowed it to grow as user types.
Added a little padding to number of turns textbox so victorian font numbers don't look cramped.

Andy ONeill:
Scenario Editor

Bug fix
For the victory conditions, you should see a list of target units to destroy under each army with a maximum based on how many are present.
These ought to be based on the enemy army.
Hence, if the red army has 8 light infantry units then under the blue army there should be a line which shows light infantry with a maximum of 8.
If you load just the red army and open the form, then you ought to only see a list of red units on the right side ( blue ).
This was previously the wrong way round - so you saw the blue totals under the blue army targets and the red under the red.
Very obvious once you know what to look for and load just one army, then open the victory conditions form.

Now fixed so the blue list of units appears under the red and vice versa.

Andy ONeill:
The current code base is still largely prototypical and some parts are pretty creaky. Bugged even.
There will be a lot of refactoring on existing code before it can be re-used in the game solution.

At the moment I'm working towards enabling re-sizing of the map board.
In doing this I'm also rationalising bits of code in order to simplify them.
Also with a long term eye on re-usability and multi threading for performance.

Scenario Editor

Refactored out all the "magic offsets" so the board, map pieces etc all go in one container within what looks like a frame you see in the right hand pane.
Removed several canvases that aren't needed.
Rationalised map background image loading.


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