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Andy ONeill:

Initial refactor adding timing for direct move order.

Andy ONeill:
Map Editor

Importing a particular type of area terrain resulted in an error.
Bit strange because seemingly very similar geometries worked fine.
I refactored the code manipulates an imported geometry to make it more flexible.
When I then tried the fixed version it gave a patchwork of woods across the entire map.
That made the process which "plants" trees very slow because I didn't have a bounding box filling the entire map in mind when I built it.
I therefore refactored this.
Another thing I changed since I did that original tree planting code was a mechanism for finding all the cells in a geometry.
I used that collection to ensure every point tested would at least be inside the woods area.
It's not quite as simple as that as all of each tree must be inside but it greatly reduces the cost of the process.
That change also speeds up planting trees in a woods you draw.
Unless you draw a perfect rectangle, some of the bounding box won't have woods in it.

In case you're wondering.
A bounding box is a (sort of imaginary) rectangle you would draw which just fits all of a given shape in it.


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