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Andy ONeill:
Scenario Editor

First iteration.
Refactor to replace drag drop of units.
I've ripped out the old drag drop code which was buggy and pretty nasty stuff.
The old version could not support stopping the user dropping units on invalid terrain or each other, which we want.
Started replacing with a simpler drag approach.
Further work is required.

The cursor isn't offset and unitvm isn't correctly added to the lists it needs to be added to ( I just realised this as I type ).
Maybe fix up with another iteration tomorrow.

it's cool to track the development :)

Us non-game-dev IT weenies can appreciate the headache it can be

Andy ONeill:
Scenario Editor

Dragging units off the treeview and around the board is stable now.
I spent at least 2 minutes trying to break it and it just worked.
Way faster than the original drag drop and a LOT less code.
Buggy unexpected dropping - gone.
The improved performance is particularly pleasing. I can drag a unity as fast as I can move the mouse and it just copes.

Not quite finished yet.

To do.
Invalid location like off board in swamp or water or another unit still needs handling.
Probably stick a fews seconds red flashing border on the unit and then it's gone if the user doesn't grab it.

Andy ONeill:
Scenario Editor

Minor refactor:
Both retreat point and pieces now use their center X and Y for positioning and the same contentpresenter style.
This simplifies/improves some of the code used for positioning and pathing.
Also another minor step towards allowing the user to dynamically scale them.

Andy ONeill:
Scenario Editor

Added bad terrain and collision detection for unit locations.
When you stop dragging, it checks what terrain applies and whether that unit type is allowed in that terrain.
It also checks whether another unit is overlapping.
And whether the unit is entirely on the board.
If any of these fail then the border is set to red.
If you don't move it within 4 seconds the unit is removed from the board.


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