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Please use separate threads


Andy ONeill:
Hi Guys,

I really appreciate people taking time to try it out and report bugs or suggest improvements to the Army Editor.
This is great stuff.

Could you please start a thread each though?
It'll get confusing otherwise and I might miss issues.

Thanks in advance.


Andy, that makes a lot of sense but an unstructured forum is not the easiest to use for defect tracking and resolution.

We will have to find a way that makes it easy to search etc.

Perhaps give the thread a title eg Defect 123 with a brief description.

Best Regards


Andy ONeill:
Yes, a forum is not really ideal.
A thread can be a ticket (equivalent) though.

If there's just the one thing in each thread then old dead threads will move down and off the front page. At least I know if someone else posted last then I've probably got something to investigate in that thread.
And people can maybe see if someone else already recently reported the crash when you do xyz or whatever.


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