Army editor (august 2018) feedbacks

Started by Adraeth, August 18, 2018, 04:20:04 AM

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64bit self installing

1. On a 1366x768 i have to resize it manually, anyway it goes, but the engine window does not automatically resize.

(i am leaving for a fortnight for holidays so i won't be able to test in incoming days)

Andy ONeill

If your monitor is kind of smaller than the app then you'll need to at least run it maximised.

You can set the shortcut to open the app mazimised.
Either using the standard shortcut options - there's a combo box allows you to choose how an app opens.

You can alternatively use a command line switch by appending  " -full" without the quotes ( there's a space before the dash ) after the exe in the target.

So your target should look something like:
"C:\.......\GSBPArmyEditor.exe -full"

I've(obviously) substituted dots for the program files or whatever path to the exe.
Come to think of it, there's nothing scaling the content in the army editor like in the scenario editor.
I'll have to think about how best to approach that.
Offhand there are several options
Scale everything - and maybe we end up with stuff looking pretty weird.
Sliders - which'll look clunky.
Make major pieces flow instead of fixed size - which is tricky to get right.


maximised tried and it did really well  :bd:


Just a quick remind to let you know that i tested a bit the army editor; anyway i will test more time from November for i am working on final edit on one of my design that will be released in italy in mid October (and translated for the world in January), but i am reading everything and i like it