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Serbia 1914 Team Competition

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Well we have four competitors so far, which gives two a side. Let me know on the thread if that is workable for you guys, or whether you'd like to see more players involved?

When I have a ballpark for the final numbers I will contact Rich at JTS for copies and we can get started. If you are happy to have two a side and think the Second Invasion of Serbia is too big for a two player team, then we can choose another scenario.

Please let me know your views.  :)

What were you thinking in terms of turn response. It would be more fun if more people were willing to join. Perhaps more may join if we wait until the New Year to start?

We can do. No problem waiting a bit.

I'm just here to get things running.

I just want this to be a fun thing for you guys, so give me as much feedback here as you need. :)

Just a bump to remind potential players that we are still recruiting for the game.

JTS have kindly agreed to sponsor the game and will provide copies of the game for the competitors.

We have four players ready so far and could do with more. However, we can do a two a side, but obviously it is a lot more work for just two players compared to four or five in a team.

Shall we wait a bit longer to recruit or so you want me to set a start date fairly soon? I will need to let Rich@JTS know how many copies of the game we need, so I will try and organise that when we have a date to start. LET ME KNOW in this thread how you guys want to do this.

In the meantime. I thought I'd start putting the team together and adding if we have more interest.


Austria Hungary

If it will only be 4 of us, perhaps a smaller scenario would work better.


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