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Texas Revolution

Started by GJK, March 17, 2015, 09:38:55 PM

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In 1982, just before I left for the Marines, my family visited the  Alamo in San Antonio.  At the gift shop were several copies of a game  called "Texas Revolution" by Dan Mings.  I had been playing wargames  since 12 and having just toured the Alamo, purchasing a copy of the  indy game was a no brainer.

Game info:

In playing the game, the rules were a bit of a mess and the production quality was barely adequate, but it was a cool game.  It covers the  campaign in 1836 having Mexicans riding in the Texas to eventually  surround and besiege the forts at Alamo and Goliad.  The game goes  from operational to tactical when you actually conduct the sieges so  that was pretty cool.

The original map graphics:

10 years ago this month, for the anniversary of the falling of the  Alamo, I created a vassal module for the old Mings game.  I scanned  the map in sections and then faithfully redrew it.  I recreated the  counters and spruced them up just a tad but otherwise, reproduced them  faithfully.  I played a number of games via pbem using this module and  it worked nicely.

Last week, one of the guys that I played using the module (10 years  ago) contacted me about this game and asked if I'd be up for a rematch  (his Mexicans devestated my Texans that game).  I said sure.

So I opened up this old vassal module and immediately thought about  making a better presentation of it.  Bob and I had worked on  clarifying the rules some years ago, with the blessing of Mr. Ming,  and so I took the opportunity to double check those and add some  additional cross-referencing and examples of play.  I then tackled the  map last night.  Fortunately, I had kept my original photoshop file  that I used to redraw the map, so I had each of the elements in layers  already.  I then opted to go for a "Charlie Kibler (GCACW)" look:

For those that haven't played the game, it's not  pretty but it's rather enjoyable if you have interest in the conflict.  Otherwise, the  game pbem's nicely using the vassal module.  I'd be happy to email out  the rules that we worked on for those interested.
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