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.png file compressing software

Started by Barthheart, September 09, 2015, 12:19:03 PM

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Hey all, I'm looking for recommendations for easy to use, read: simple operator  :uglystupid2:, program to reduce the file size, no physical size, of .png files.

Anyone?  ???


On the Mac, ColorSync works great.

On the PC, I'd look into the Paint.NET app that lets you do a lot of spiffy things for graphics, for free.
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Mac... pffft. Let's talk real computers.  ;)

I have but was looking for something with more power to really squash down the bit count.... and free is always good.


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Quote from: GJK on September 10, 2015, 05:10:51 AM
Irfanview.  Free and tiny and simple.

Looks like it might do what I need. Thanks!  O0

Works great, just what I needed.

Thanks again Gary.