6mm DIY on the cheap

Started by crowdrake, October 05, 2022, 03:36:28 AM

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I wanted a 6mm game to allow more of the war in wargaming, I am fedup with skirmish games at 28mm. I dont have any money right now too. I also have the airfix battles introductory wargame rules that i love for solo play. So I got my armour out of the tide of iron boardgame as they look like 6mm, the rules i am just going to use armore and ATG with a few infantry. I am going to use axix and allies infantry figs because they have nice round bases, I have the counters for ATGs in the airfix battles box as i dont have any in plastic.

I have never had a 6mm game so I had no terrain or scenery, so i cut up some foam into squares, they were rough so only dots for windows were possible, they dont look pro but they will do for me, I created a coastal city in one day, it took a day for the paint to dry but it was really easy and no cost. I quite like the look of it.

I cutup some black vynal for roads, I am going to make some more yet.I also tried making a church and a house out of clay you can see on the hill, but i did not think they look to good.