Heroes of the Pacific: Guadalcanal on KS

Started by Silent Disapproval Robot, March 11, 2023, 11:42:43 AM

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Silent Disapproval Robot

I recently received an email from Devil-Pig games concerning their next title in the Heroes of .... series of games.   


🇺🇸🇬🇧 Hello Soldiers!

🐷 Travelling means discovering... Who says discovery, says travel... So get ready to discover our next campaign on March 23rd 2023 on Kickstarter!!!

So for this chapter of Heroes of WW2, we wanted to explore new avenues in terms of gamedesign.

Heroes of the Pacific will have its own rules system, slightly different from what you know, while keeping its compatibility with the rest of the range to be able to see Japanese soldiers fighting the Red Devils, or the USMC fighting the Red Army... These changes are minor but we think they are important to make your battles in this new environment as dynamic as possible.

We have also changed the way armies are built so that some regiments no longer have to play the role of other regiments. Recruitment is based around "Company Headquarter" tiles. These tiles, called Tactical Commands, include a senior officer and one or two support units (scouts, radio, heavy weapons, ...).

Each of these Tactical Commands depends on a regiment and is identified by the corresponding badge. Moreover, each Tactical Command has access to its own Doctrine Cards which represent its specialization (ambush, movement, assault, ...).

Recruitment Tiles, like Rifle Company, can be associated with Tactical Command and benefit from their Doctrine Cards. It is possible to associate several Recruitment Tiles with the same Tactical Command.

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